When in need for a quiet place to stay, if Amsterdam is fully booked, there's a nice little camping site in Haarlem, less than 20 km away.
about Haarlem / found in Netherlands / written in English
Found a rock pub in Kreuzberg, Berlin - Frankenstrasse, with good and cheap beer and great atmosphere.
about Frankenstrasse / found in Germany / written in English
Amazing design in - everything is moving. Interesting smell too, got weed? :)
about prague / found in Czech Republic / written in English
I'm dying to see those 40K pubs and clubs Novac kept twittering about :D
about Thessaloniki / found in Greece / written in English
Absolutely loved the place. Good beer, good atmosphere, good music. Too bad you can't smoke indoors anymore :(
about Oscar Wilde pub in Berlin / found in Germany / written in English
Misto serile de folk de miercurea. Mai are de lucrat la design si la aerisire, dar e fain. Misto si bikerii :P
about Iron City / found in Romania / written in Romanian

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